Desert Wellness is an ultimate endeavor towards a more peaceful, happy, and healthy society; focusing on improving your quality of life through wholesome lifestyle choices.

Our Brands


Trax Cycling Studio is Desert Wellness’s answer for a fulfilling fitness offering. It was built on the idea of motivation and empowerment as a catalyst to health and fitness.  Trax Cycling Studios offer cycling and rowing classes in which participants become engaged and inspired throughout stimulating classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels.


The Club Spa and Salon is our full-service spa service offering.  It was developed as an affordable alternative to other high-priced competitors, but never at the expense of luxury or hospitality. Offering everything from hydrodermabrasion facials to eyelash extensions, The Club Spa and Salon in your area is sure to indulge you.


Sense Therapy is our health and wellness service offering.  It was conceived as a therapy studio that offers natural and non-invasive remedies to certain common ailments.  Sense Therapy offers everything from electric cryotherapy chambers to cromotherapy treatments and halotherapy salt rooms.  Sense Therapy is our holistic approach to health and wellness

Our Values


We continually strive to achieve a level of balance within the lives of our customers.  Whether it be a balance between work and quality time with the family, or simply finding an inner spiritual balance of wellbeing, we believe that “balance” is an essential factor for a blissful life.


We emphasize our commitment to “integrity” in every business decision we take.  We have a deep understanding of our innate accountability to our customers, and feel the constant need to nurture and reinforce this integral relationship.  We know that we owe every ounce of our success to our customer’s support.


We insist on promoting personal growth from our customers through all of our business practices.  A plant can only grow, and eventually blossom, if it is given the right sustenance.  We believe the same is true of our customers, which is why creating and maintaining a drive toward growth is so integral to our continual success.


It has always been our determination for general health and wellbeing, the cornerstones to a blissful life, which has set us apart from so many others.  Determination is what has propelled us to carry out our corporate mission to the best of our abilities.  Determination is what drives us to seek out a better life for all of our loyal customers.


It has always been our customer’s trust that has ultimately allowed us to thrive and grow the way that we have.  Maintaining our trustworthiness, in the eyes of our loyal clientele, has become one of the most important cornerstones of the way we conduct business.  Customers can always “trust” that all of Desert Wellness’s product and service offerings will always be up to par.


We understand that we have a tremendous responsibility to our customers in maintaining a quality of service standard, and we don’t take that lightly.  We also understand our civic responsibility, not only to our direct consumer base, but to the community in general, which is why Desert Wellness invests heavily in giving back to the community in various philanthropic ways.

Our History

Desert Wellness was founded in El Paso, Texas, in 2010.  Since its inception, Desert Wellness was created as a catalyst of sorts.  It was through this brand new and innovative corporation that we sought to offer our region only the best health, beauty, and wellness product and service offerings, comparable to those only found in the world’s largest cosmopolitan centers, but at only a fraction of the price.

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